Ezra 12" Gel (Softest Feel)


Basic Info:

  • Plushest feel of our gel mattresses
  • 3 layers of foam to support a positive sleep experience
  • Performance of two foam grades (soft + supportive) in one
  • 10 year non-prorated warranty


  • 8” of our Quality Sleep Foam Core system
  • 1” proprietary foam
  • 3” of Serene™ Gel Memory Foam
  • Low IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) material

The Ezra 12” Gel’s incredible cell structure air is more readily trapped in each cell, which requires more force or weight to release the air under compression.

This phenomenon provides an element of support with low IFD material that is unlike anything we have ever seen. The combination of support and low IFD make this product sensational for pressure relieving in a lying position. You essentially get the performance of two foam grades (soft + supportive) in one. Because air is more readily trapped in each cell, the inverse of this phenomena means that it takes more time for the cells to fill back up with air once the force or weight is taken off of the material. In other words, the material has a bit of a memory to it.

Make no mistake though our utilization of Serene™ foam is
NOT viscoelastic (aka “Memory”) foam, and is a separate class of new foam technology.


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