Our Family

Founded in 1975 by Stan Pickett, Quality Furniture & Appliance has always been a family run business, now over two generations!

Our focus has always been to support our community. We started out providing in-home furnishings for all budgets in the DFW metro area and very quickly saw that helping clients improve their quality of sleep was essential.

So essential in fact, we decided to start manufacturing the mattresses ourselves. This enables us to provide the best quality, build, and comfort at a fair price for everyone.

We are proud to announce that for every mattress purchased, we will be gifting a mattress to a member of the community in need, free of charge!

Stan Pickett


In 1975 Quality Furniture & Appliance was founded to provide in home furnishings for all budgets in the DFW metro area by Stan Pickett. Mattress sales and improving the Quality of Sleep for their clients quickly became a huge part of the business.

Jordan Barrick


I joined in 2011 (after I was fortunate to marry Stan’s daughter) and came to work. My first day I learned about how sleep affects mood, health, and overall wellness. After a ton of questions and a lot of experience I became passionate about improving sleep for our clients.



In 2015 we had a dream of starting an internal business that for every mattress we sold we would donate one to someone in need. Our company sold mattresses for 45 years but I could never figure out how to do this with the major manufacturers. So in November 2018 I decided we’d start manufacturing them ourselves.



During the refugee crisis a dramatic increase in needs came from displaced people relocating to the Dallas Metro area. We heard that most of these people were living in a completely empty apartment and sleeping on the floor. Through a friend at the Gateway of Grace ministry we were able to donate new mattresses to those families directly.

These Incredible Stories solidified our intent, and when the Covid-19 crisis hit, it showed me that so many people wanted better night’s sleep than could afford it and we decided to launch. We are always on the look out for people who are in need, so please head on over to our Nomination Page and let us know!

We believe that through manufacturing mattresses we all should sleep better.

After regular enhancements, tweaks, and brainstorming sessions (and a lot of coffee), we’re grateful to have found a way to do exactly that.

- Jordan Barrick -