Staying Strong In Times Of Struggle

I work in a Covid-19 testing site for Baylor employees. We are a small crew of 4: NP, MA, POR and supervisor.

The NP, Punnam Stephan, has gone above and beyond her role in that she stays beyond her normal working hours, taking leadership conference calls before, during lunch and after work. She has researched charities and gotten us free lunches, breakfasts, pillows, Crocs, socks, and other numerous nice freebies that companies are offering frontline workers. 

She helps us set up the cones and signs in AM and PM. She gets us to do TikTok dances to keep our spirits up. She is the best team player and all the while risking her and her family's health for the fight against Covid-19.

I would like to nominate Punnam Stephan NP for her tireless efforts and continued excellent work ethic and great attitude in the face of all this chaos.

Joy Gooding

Thank you for your nomination Joy and all the incredible work you and your team do every day in the face of such adversity. We are honored to help.

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