Gateway of Grace

Gateway of Grace refugee families' lives have been greatly improved through the Quality Sleep for Everyone program. When refugee families arrive in Dallas through resettlement agencies, they are often dropped off at an empty apartment without furniture, food, or any basic essentials. When the Barricks heard of refugee families sleeping on the floor and needing a mattress, they donated brand new mattresses and had them delivered directly to refugee families' homes. The immediate effect quality sleep and rest has on a person's life cannot be overstated. After having the ability to rest and sleep deeply, refugee families are able to begin taking tangible steps to creating a new and meaningful life in the United States.

Gateway of Grace saw this most profoundly in the effect a new mattress had on a man named Ahmed* (*name changed for security). Ahmed was tortured in his home country for his political views and recently arrived in Dallas as a political asylee. When Gateway of Grace noticed he did not have a bed, we called the Barricks and they delivered a brand-new mattress. When Ahmed saw the mattress, he broke down in tears, called our Executive Director, Dr. Samira Page, and requested it be taken back because he did not feel he deserved a brand-new mattress. Samira comforted Ahmed and told him about his intrinsic worth, being made in the image of God, and it sparked a friendship that has brought Ahmed into a church community where he is continually encouraged to discover who he is in light of what His creator has done for him. Receiving a brand-new mattress restored not only a very real physical need for quality sleep that Ahmed hadn't experienced in months, but it also restored his sense of self-worth.

Thank you, Quality Sleep, for loving your neighbors in such a practical and meaningful way!

Lauren Cuddihee

Director of Operations

Gateway of Grace

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