Andy Rich A Front Line Hero

Andy is a nurse who works in the COVID unit at the HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center in Tomball, Texas. Andy and his wife Lindsey were expecting their first child and on February 29, 2020 Andy delivered their baby in the comfort of their own home.

Soon after, Andy was called to work and, not wanting to expose his wife and new born child, together they made the selfless decision to have Lindsey and baby stay with her mom in Corsicana until it was safe for them to be around Andy again.

This whole story of Andy’s bravery, selfless act of not being able to hold his son, touch him, feed him, change his diapers, sit up with him while momma sleeps is breaking my heart. 

Please consider Andy, wife Lindley and baby Urijah as a recipient of any nice gesture you may bestow.

God Bless,

Robin Rich Askins

Thanks for the sending us your nomination, Robin. We thank Andy and all the front-line medical staff fighting this virus/ The least we could do was provide him and his family with a comfortable bed to rest in.

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